We strongly believe that nothing can replace human intelligence and we grow smarter with every moment that passes. To allow you achieve higher purpose in your business we create bots that can be offloaded with repetitive tasks or tasks that need immediate response when you are not around.

Chat Bots

You have a use case and we have a ready to deploy solution for you. Even if you don’t have one we can suggest few.

  • Specific and Quick information byte needed by user on your website
  • Running out of customer services agents?
  • Self service IVR is getting too messy?
  • Employee needs information on leaves, salary, holidays,etc… ?
  • Need smart validation of customer before you can assign him premium services?
  • Keeping your user engaged while you get him more details…
  • A user needs specific answers outside of business hours

This is just the beginning and we are developing application with built-in intelligence and we think bots will not be needed thereafter. Drop us a mail and we will keep you updated with these developments from our labs…

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