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Today PowerBI is the tool with fastest growing user adoption with:

  • 5,000,000+ subscribers
  • 200,000+ organizations
  • 210+ countries

NeoQuant is one of the premium Microsoft PowerBI Partner with in depth experience of PowerBI Implementations. NeoQuant has helped several organisations migrate from their existing BI Platform to Microsoft PowerBI in matter of days and reduce the total cost of ownership by multiples !

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With updates to power BI customers can now see all their data through a single pane of glass. Live power bi dashboards show visualizations and KPIS from data that reside both on-premises and in the cloud, providing a consolidated view across their business regardless of where their data lives.

You can then explore their data further by drilling through the dashboard into the underlying reports, discovering new insights that they can pin back to the dashboard to monitor performance going forward.


With power BI we continue to find new ways to simplify how people analyze and gain insight from data, providing industry leading features such as natural language query. Natural language query provides users with an easier way to interact with their data, allowing them to type questions of their data and receive answers in the form of live visualizations. Power bi integration with cortana allows you to now ask these question directly from cortana and to have answers from your power bi data surfaced to you by cortana. These data driven answers can range from simple numeric values (“revenue for the last quarter”), charts (“revenue over time”), maps (“revenue by region”) or data represented through any of the other power bi data visualizations. Combined with the cortana analytics suite, this opens up amazing new opportunities to use cortana to enable your business, and your customers’ businesses, to get things done in more helpful, proactive, and natural ways.


providing a new ways to help users find hidden insights in their data. The new quick insights feature allows users to automatically scan and detect patterns and trends in the data that they publish to power bi. Through a partnership with microsoft research, the quick insights feature uses a growing list of algorithms to automatically discover and visualize correlations, outliers, trends, seasonality, change points in trends, and other factors in your data in seconds.


How can users combine data from multiple sources and of multiple data types, across on-premises and cloud, into a set of reports and dashboards? This is where power bi desktop and excel come in. These are powerful analytical tools for use by business analysts – with them analysts can connect to a wide range of data sources; cleanse, transform and model interrelationships between the data; explore the resulting mashed up datasets and create beautiful, interactive reports or powerful spreadsheets.


Powerbi puts the same base capabilities and engines for data preparation into both tools. Anyone who knows how to use one tool will automatically know how to use the other.

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